Professional Development

Ongoing professional development is important for both students and graduates  in all fields of the discipline. For registered members , ongoing professional development on an annual basis, is in fact a requirement of registration with the number of hours required varying by province.

The FESRT actively supports knowledge exchange and life-long learning through our continuing education approval programme and by offering educational opportunities tailored to the needs of Members  across the country. These opportunities include:

Online professional development workshops

Half-day or full-day pre-convention workshops

Professional development workshops offering during convention

Sponsored workshops

Half or one-day seminars

In this area of the FESRT ’s website, you’ll find the following information:

continuing professional development offerings offered by the FESRT

the FESRT’s continuing education approval program

a list of the schools , institutes, societies, associations and individuals that have received approval from the FESRT’s Continuing Education Sponsor Review Committee to be sponsors of continuing education activities

the standards, criteria and application forms required by the FESRT to be approved as a provider or sponsor of continuing education activities for Professionalism

templates for annual report outlines for approved sponsors and providers

answers to the most frequently asked questions about the FESRT’s  portfolio