Media Relations

The FESRT is the national voice of the profession and discipline. Working with the media is an integral part of being that national voice and advocating for quality education and discipline . By keeping the media and public informed we can raise the awareness of the issues, find champions among the readership, and build relationships.

As needed, the FESRT aids the media on matters related to the profession and discipline, participating in media interviews, and providing information on various topics of relevance. It is also pleased to welcome the media’s participation at our annual national convention.

Contact us with any media enquiries you may have

The FESRT  is also pleased to provide support to its members in working with the media; improving media relations and obtaining news coverage is critical in advancing education  for all. For tips on how to sell your story to the media and tips on what to do and what not to do when dealing with the media, please see our guide for psychologists entitled Working with the Media.