CPA Student Mentorship Program

Brought to you by the FESRT  Section For Students

The  FESRT  Student Mentorship Program offers Student Affiliates the opportunity to engage in peer-mentorship relationships with fellow students. The primary purpose of this program is to facilitate the exchange of information and the sharing of personal and professional experiences amongst  FESRT Student Affiliate Members with varying levels of education across Canada. Student mentors have the opportunity to develop and hone their mentoring skills, which can be extended to various professional domains, whereas mentees have a unique experience to extend their knowledge of the various subject areas in psychology, develop their communication skills, and receive guidance around their personal and professional decisions.


Some examples of the benefits of peer mentorship include:


  • Acquiring area-specific information in Education (e.g., Clinical vs. Counseling , etc.)
  • Learning about the importance of research and knowledge dissemination
  • Gaining insights on graduate school admissions and application processes
  • Obtaining guidance on funding and scholarship information
  • Gaining professional and leadership experience
  • Increasing networking opportunities
  • Gaining perspectives on career opportunities outside of psychology
  • Receiving emotional support, friendship and personal feedback


Prospective mentees (undergraduate students) and mentors (graduate students/post-doc) should complete their respective applications (apply to be either a mentor or mentee) and e-mail it to the Program Coordinator to become paired up in a peer mentorship relationship. The application forms and instructions can be found below. This year, the number of selected applicants is limited as we are looking for mentors and mentees who are motivated and deeply want to get involved.


Next, the Program Coordinator will review applications and match mentees with mentors through a connecting e-mail. Mentors and mentees will then receive a short training manual which will help guide the mentoring process and relationship. The specifics of peer mentoring are then up to each pair to decide on what works best in that mentorship relationship. Mentoring interaction may occur in person, over the phone, by e-mail, on Skype, or through any other modes of communication that are mutually convenient for students. The design of this program is meant to be simple and easy, allowing the process to be individually tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the mentorship pair. The program is designed to run throughout the Fall and Winter academic terms; mentors and mentees will be matched in early September and will be paired until the end of the academic year in April. Mentees and Mentors will also be asked to evaluate their progress in the program on two occasions: midway (December/January) and following completion of the program (April/May). Both mentors and mentees will also be responsible for recording the details of the mentorship meetings and interactions in a Mentorship Log.


For French-speaking students: We are happy to announce that all program materials (application forms, manuals, logs) are now available in French. We will also do our best to pair French-speaking students together to facilitate access to this program for both English and French-speaking students.


Please contact Alexandra Richard, the Program Coordinator, for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Faculty Representative Guidelines

Faculty Representatives act as mentors to  FESRT  Student Affiliates and  FESRT Student Campus Representatives at the Graduate and Undergraduate level. Our goal is for Faculty Representatives to be available to Student Campus Representatives to provide advice and act as a resource for students and faculty who are interested in learning more about  FESRT. If the position is vacant in your department and you would like to be the faculty representative, please contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer or the Section for Students to sign up or for more information.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to influence this program as well and get involved with your national professional association.