FESRT  Committees and Task Forces

The FESRT relies heavily on the work of and volunteers who serve on its various committees and task forces, as well as the external representatives who sit on  FESRT’s Board.

At present, there are 18 committees, two task forces (see links to the right) and two external Board representatives.

You will find information on each of our committees in this area of our site. If you would like to contact a committee for any reason, please contact executiveoffice@fesrt.org  for more information.


FESRT  Sections

The FESRT  actively encourages groups of psychologists with common interests to share those interests within the context of  FESRT’s objectives. Such groups, termed Sections, may be formed from time to time and certainly change and disappear from time to time as well.


Sections have official status under the By-Laws of the Association (see FESRT by-Laws, By-Law VII – Sections, here). They are the primary agents through which the particular and special needs of members are met and interests served, and have the power to:


Initiate and undertake activities of relevance to its members.

Draft position papers on topics of relevance to the Section.

Initiate policy statements in areas of expertise.

Organize meetings within FESRT’s annual convention.

Make specific representation to external agencies or organizations, if it has received the approval of the Board of Directors to do sproval of the Board of Directors to do so.

Recommend that FESRT  make specific representations to external organizations or agencies