FESRT has as  its  pillars,  supports and promotes excellence and innovation in the education and training of  students , teachers/lecturers and parents toward actualizing the dream of quality education at all levels . It does this through:

supporting and promoting education and training in educational matters  throughout all stages of university study

identifying issues impacting teachers/lecturers , parents  and students  there by and advocating for solutions

post-degree and post-licensure continuing education needs of researchers and practitioners in studying

development of accreditation standards and guidelines for training , particularly procedures for doctoral and internship programmes in professionalism

pre- and post-graduate skills and competencies that will equip psychologists to carry out their roles as evidence-informed scientists, educators, and/or practitioners

recognition of the contributions of teachers, trainers, and students at all levels

education of the public and other stakeholders on vital and impacting  topics

Development of advocacy papers on the role of students/teachers and parents   in research and as educational /researchers

Partnerships with research-oriented agencies, institutions and associations anywhere we indicates interest for facts findings

Participation in advocacy activities and advocacy training to membership

Offering sessions on navigating the grant submission process at FESRT’s annual convention

Liaising with the constituted Authorities regarding funding for educational research

Developing and updating printed materials on relevance and relatedness of research to institutes